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Our mission is to help entrepreneurs thrive by providing affordable web development solutions to their businesses.

0919151920g10 years ago, Steven Eddings knew he wanted to build his own website. He had created his own video gaming enthusiast community on Facebook. With a following of over 12,000 members, he knew he wanted to share his knowledge with other gamers. But, there was a big problem: He did not have his own website, and he did not know how to make a website. To make matters worse, Steven found most website services offered by major companies to be confusing. Says Eddings “They were always trying to advertise and get me to purchase services that I really didn’t need. Also, the terminology was confusing. In speaking with other entrepreneurs, I found that most small business owners didn’t understand the difference between web design, domain registration, and web hosting. They just wanted a website that was an accurate reflection of their company, but also simple, affordable, and efficient.”

Steven ended up spending thousands of dollars on web design providers that didn’t really meet his needs. “I spent at least $2,000 on one size fits all services like Wix and $3,000 on SquareSpace. Then I realized that I was spending thousands on something that I didn’t really need. What I really needed was basic website features like a 10 page site, a “Store” area where I could sell less than 100 products, a couple of articles written for the website every month, and a contact form.” Then, while serving in the military, Steven met other business and technology enthusiasts. He partnered with them to bring you what is today, Eddings Technologies.

Eddings Technologies partners with dozens of technology experts to bring affordable web development solutions to hundreds of businesses. Our service areas are:

  • Web Design
  • Theme Integration
  • Web Hosting
  • Logo Design
  • Communications

Eddings Technologies can build your website from start to finish. Our team members have worked on hundreds of projects already. Checkout our portfolio to learn more.

By small businesses for small businesses. That’s the ET difference. We connect businesses to the services that matter most. – Steven Eddings